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Making the ip2locations ruby library work with ruby 1.9

14 Jan 2012

ip2locations is a service used to get location information of a ip address. Essentially, ip2locations provides a collection of data files to choose from/download and query via a C library There is a ruby library that provide a ruby interface to the this C library.

While, trying to use this ruby library with ruby 1.9, I saw that the build generates more then a few warnings that look this:

IP2Location.c: In function 'rb_IP2Location_open':
IP2Location.c:67: warning: passing argument 1 of 'IP2Location_open' makes pointer from integer without a cast
IP2Location.c: In function 'rb_IP2Location_get_country_short':

The IP2Location.so library does get built but if we try to use it, we see this see the following run time error:

$ ruby sample_bsd.rb 
------- IPv4 Sample --------
ruby: symbol lookup error: ruby-1.9.2-p180/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/i686-linux/IP2Location.so: undefined symbol: STR2CSTR

This error happens because STR2CSTR is present in ruby 1.8, and was deprecated and removed from 1.9. For the code to run with ruby 1.9 we need to use StringValuePtr.

< IP2LocationObj = IP2Location_open(STR2CSTR(dbFile));
> VALUE dbFile_for_cstr_cast = rb_str_dup(dbFile);
> rb_str_modify(dbFile_for_cstr_cast);
> IP2LocationObj = IP2Location_open(StringValuePtr(dbFile_for_cstr_cast));

The ip2location-ruby repository on github has these changes that enable this ruby library to be used with ruby 1.9:

$ git clone git://github.com/gautamc/ip2location-ruby.git
$ cd ip2location-ruby/
$ ruby extconf.rb 
checking for IP2Location_open() in -lIP2Location... yes
creating Makefile
$ make
$ make install
$ ruby sample_bsd.rb 

STR2CSTR is a C macro wrapper for the function – char *rb_str2cstr _((VALUE,long*)); – which is implemented in object.c. The first argument this function takes is a value of the type VALUE. VALUE is essentially used as a pointer to an object – and as we might guess from the name rb_str2cstr, the function is used to generate a “C string” from a “ruby string”.

STR2CSTR is a ruby 1.8 thing. With ruby 1.9, we should be using StringValuePtr. It takes a VALUE and returns a C string. Before we pass the value to StringValuePtr, we must ensure that its mutable – hence the calls to rb_str_dup and rb_str_modify.


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