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Quickly adding all Android .jar files to classpath

13 Oct 2010

While coding on an android app, I sometimes like to run javap on a class name. Howevever, in order for this to work I need all the android jar files in the classpath environment variable. To quickly do this I use the following commands:

  • $ find ~/java/android-sdk-linux_86/ -name ‘*.jar’ | while read; do echo ‘export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:’$REPLY; done > /tmp/set_classpath.sh

On my laptop the I’ve got the android sdk installed in: ~/java/android-sdk-linux_86/. Hence, I want to find and add all the jar files under this directory to the classpath. In order to do this I use the find command, and use a little bash looping and IO redirection to create a file which exports the classpath.

I can then source this file on the shell and run javap!

  • $ . /tmp/set_classpath.sh
  • $ javap android.app.Activity
    Compiled from “Activity.java”
    public class android.app.Activity extends android.view.ContextThemeWrapper implements android.view.LayoutInflater$Factory,android.view.Window$Callback,android.view.KeyEvent$Callback,android.view.View$OnCreateContextMenuListener,android.content.ComponentCallbacks{
    public static final int RESULT_CANCELED;
    public static final int RESULT_OK;
    public static final int RESULT_FIRST_USER;

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